Presentation and warnings

Floating Sensation is an Assistant swimming suit. It allows you to swim while floating without ever being in danger of drowning. The suit is adaptable to the swimmer's body. Each suit size has an adjustment band of 6 cm in height. Equip yourself with the suit, adjust it to fit the body and then you can enter the water safely. You will experience a completely different feeling of swimming than you knew before. It is completely different to swim without fear and without the effort to keep you afloat. Swimming becomes a pleasure instead of a dangerous adventure. For beginners it is the only chance to learn to swim safely. For swimmers it is a chance to swim much further and with less effort. After using it for swimming, you take it off very simple the suit and you can go to the beach to sun bathe.


This is an assistant swimming suit, not a life jacket! You can only use it for rescue if your life is in danger and you have no other means of salvation. If you are in danger, do not hesitate to use it for rescue. This suit is designed to protect you from the danger of drowning. There are many other dangers in the water! Do not swim in hazardous waters, such as cold waters, fast mountain rivers, white water, waters infested with aquatic predators, waters infested with toxic jellyfish and any other such hazards.

After use, wash the suit with clean sweet water and dry it well. Only after complete drying can you store it for a long time. If you take care of it you can have it for many years and you can enjoy for a long time the pleasure of swimming safely.