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Floating Sensation swimsuit is currently available only on the internet orders and deliveries. When we will find distributors for sales, we will move the trade of our products to stores that are as close as possible to the buyers.

We expect you to send your orders to the email addresses :




The above prices apply to delivery to the customer's home by the courier company

Note: The above models are in stock. For the other models not included in the price list, please contact us and we will deliver as a special order.

Processing of personal data

Our company processes the personal data of customers only for the purpose of invoicing and bookkeeping.

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The above information concerns technical and legal requirements that the customer must be made aware of. They shouldn't discourage you and if you are a real customer, order this swimming aid with confidence.

The prices include all legal fees and you will receive an original and new product. If you have the pleasure of swimming safely for the years to come, you will find that the cost is too low for the safety and enjoyment it offers!