Hygiene rules

The FLOATING SENSATION assistant swimsuits are underwear items and are designed to be worn over regular swimsuits. There are hygiene implications that users need to know and respect.

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Rule No. 1 - try out only over clothes!

The FLOATING SENSATION swimsuits are factory produced from new fabrics. The costumes come clean from the factory but as clean as they can come from a factory! The new suits are not pre-washed or disinfected! The basic rule is to try out them on clean clothes during the try out for purchase. This will not affect the fit on the body. There is a small difference that can be solved from the adjustment folds.

The suits come from the factory with washable markings which are important markings and therefore wash the suit only after you have tried it over your clothes and bought it without the possibility of returning it.!

For no reason try new assistant swimsuits from the store directly on bare skin without underwear! You expose yourself to the dangers of poor hygiene and you will lose the possibility to return the product!

Rule No. 2 - wash only after purchase!

After finally buying the product without the possibility of return, you can wash the assistant swimsuit with warm water and detergent. Do not use excessively hot water and do not boil the assistant swimsuit. If you insist on disinfection, use alcohol-based disinfectants.

Rule No. 3 - use over usual swimsuits!

After you have washed your swimming aid well, you can use it without ordinary swimsuits. However, it is a good hygiene measure to use it over ordinary swimsuits: briefs and bras !

Rule No. 4 - use your personal suit!

Use only personal assistant swimsuits, do not use borrowed suits. Being a piece of underwear, it is recommended to use only the personal suit, avoid using borrowed suits or lending it to others!